WES Healthcare – Individual


KET’s Workplace Essential Skills for Healthcare allows learners to improve reading, writing, and math skills. Healthcare workers must be able to understand orders, communicate findings, think independently, and make critical decisions related to patient care.  All patient care is administered by teams of healthcare workers, making the need for effective verbal and written communication imperative!

Math skills are also critical to healthcare delivery. Learners can practice math conversions for weight and medication dispensing, analysis of supply and budgets for planning, synthesizing orders, charts, graphs related to healthcare delivery, and much more.  Lessons include embedded videos that are contextualized to healthcare, helping learners to stay focused as they apply the skills learned to work in healthcare settings.

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Gen Format


Reading Level

7 thru 9


Math, Reading, Writing

Courses Included

Healthcare, Job Search


Access granted for one full year per transaction per sector.