WES All Career Sectors + Soft Skills – Classroom


All seven of Workplace Essential Skills’ high demand career sectors + soft skills

Lessons include embedded videos that are uniquely contextualized to the each of the seven career sectors as well as interactive activities, games, practice problems, and reviews to check comprehension.

Each sector and soft skills also include a job search module that helps learners find job listings, build a good resume, fill out an application, and ace the interview!

Choose this version when purchasing two or more licenses for classroom use. The classroom license (minimum two seats) includes a free classroom management system that allows teachers to assign/reassign seats, follow learners’ progress, and generate reports. The teacher toolkit provides lesson plans and additional resources.



Additional information

Gen Format


Reading Level

7 thru 9


Math, Reading, Writing

Courses Included

Construction, Hospitality, Information Technology, Marketing, Healthcare, Job Search, Manufacturing, Soft Skills, Transportation/Logistics


Access granted for one full year per transaction per sector.