Online, Mobile-Friendly Resources

KET’s Workplace Essential Skills online study system focuses on contextualized, targeted math and language arts lessons to prepare learners to apply academic skills in the workplace. Lessons include embedded videos, practice, and assessments. Courses are available for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Transportation, Construction, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales and Service, Hospitality and Tourism and Soft Skills.

Course Information:

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  • Reusable seats, licensed annually
  • Targeted, contextualized language and math skills used in high-demand careers plus soft skills
  • Customized study plans generated from learner pretests
  • Complete classroom management system for monitoring time-on-task, student progress, study plans and readiness. Supplemental lessons and videos included.
  • Mobile friendly courses extend learning opportunities and build digital literacy
  • Aligned to National Career Readiness Certification Standards, GED® Assessment Targets and College and Career Readiness Standard


  • Study anywhere anytime, on any device equipped with internet access
  • Self-paced study plan offers instructions and feedback
  • Real workplace examples help content make sense
  • Interactives, practice opportunities, videos and games improve engagement and build digital literacy
  • Completion certificate outlines skills mastered during coursework
  • Built-in online study tools and text-to-speech feature allows learners to listen to on-screen content

Available Courses