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KET’s Workplace Essential Skills for Manufacturing allows learners to improve reading, writing, and math skills. Reading and writing are essential to success in manufacturing occupations.  The ability to communicate, work collaboratively, think logically and decipher instruction is imperative to the manufacturing workplace. Even though the industry has a reputation of being computerized, the truth is, the costly machines inside manufacturing facilities operate from input from workers.

Computing decimals and fractions, deciphering machine blueprints and good computer skills are needed for today’s manufacturing roles.  Workplace Essential Skills content from KET offers learners the opportunity to learn skills relevant to the manufacturing environment.  Lessons include embedded videos that highlight actual manufacturing examples and present inquiry contextualized to manufacturing concepts, allowing learners to gain practical academic knowledge that readily translates to the job setting.

This course also includes a bonus job search lesson that equips learners with skills for finding employment.

NOTE: Access granted for one full year per transaction per sector.

Course Previews:

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