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Hospitality and Tourism

KET’s Workplace Essential Skills for Hospitality and Tourism allows learners to improve reading, writing, and math skills. Reading and writing are essential to success in hospitality and tourism occupations.  The ability to communicate with customers and co-workers, work collaboratively, and process orders correctly are all important skills in the hospitality and tourism industry. Even though many of these functions are automated, the industry relies on those who work directly with customers to ensure transactions are processed smoothly and correctly in a professional manner.

Math skills are also critical in the hospitality and tourism industry. It’s important to be able to multiply and divide to determine quantities of food and supplies for restaurants, hotels, and events. Formulas are necessary when figuring adequate space for events or for determining how many people can sit at a table. Knowing how to calculate averages or project sales numbers for the upcoming year are integral to the hospitality industry as well.

Workplace Essential Skills content from KET offers learners the opportunity to learn and practice skills relevant to the hospitality and tourism industry. Lessons include embedded videos that highlight actual workplace examples and present inquiry contextualized to hospitality concepts, allowing learners to gain practical academic knowledge that readily translates to the job setting.