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FastForward Classroom

One-year license for comprehensive online preparation for the GED® test, HiSET® and TASC™ assessments. All subjects, all question types, all in one place — to help your learners get top scores. A diagnostic pretest tells students where they need to focus.

Online courses include interactive lessons, videos, practice problems, and practice tests. Price includes official GED ReadyTM practice test vouchers for each seat purchased*.

The classroom license (minimum two seats) includes a  free classroom management system so teachers can assign/reassign seats, follow learners’ progress, and generate reports. The teacher toolkit provides lesson plans and additional resources.

KET is an official partner of the GED Testing Service®, a HiSET® test prep provider, and a TASC™ publishing partner.

Note: If you wish to purchase 1,000 seats or more, please call us at (800)-354-9067 for special pricing.

Official TASC Publishing Partner
Official HiSET Test Prep Provider
Approved Content Aligned with GED Test
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These online courses are effective preparation for the GED®, HiSET® and TASC tests—and for college and career success! The courses cover all the subjects, skills, and question types on each of the high school equivalency tests.

FastForward Online Course Highlights

  • Individualized study plans
  • Step-by-step lessons
  • Plenty of test tips
  • Instructional videos
  • Interactive animations
  • Plenty of practice problems
  • All courses include free vouchers for the official GED Ready™ tests

To be successful in these courses, you should have:

  • Computer skills
  • Internet access
  • Basic math skills
  • Strong reading skills
  • Time to study
  • Self-motivation
Official TASC Publishing Partner
Official HiSET Test Prep Provider
Approved Content Aligned with GED Test
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On Common Ground

Learn what it means to be a U.S. citizen.

On Common Ground, from the producers of Crossroads Café, addresses key civic and government concepts for EL Civics and citizenship education, emphasizing the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship.

15 videos present dramatic stories which take on controversial issues, usually in situations that lack a single right answer. Each episode concludes with a relevant key event from U.S. history. Individual lessons focus on such crucial issues as racial polarization, extremism and freedom of speech, individual rights versus the public good, separation of powers, and checks and balances.

Print materials are available in different formats for maximum flexibility. See pricing section below.

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Culture Clips

Taken from Crossroads CaféCulture Clips is a five-part video series made up of 26 documentary-style short segments on various aspects of life in the U.S. By identifying the main ideas of each Culture Clip and sharing their opinions, students learn about life in this country and how to understand cultural differences.

5 videos present short video clips, organized by theme: Immigration and Citizenship, Job Skills, Community Building, U.S. Culture and Customs and Living in the United States with correlated discussion questions or exercises.

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Crossroads Café

ESL and a taste of American Life.

Help students build English language skills and deepen their understanding of U.S. culture.
Crossroads Café is appropriate for teaching English as a second language (ESL) in adult literacy and basic skills (pre-GED), workplace, and correctional educational programs.

26 videos (DVD) in this series revolve around a city café where six characters come together and discuss life in their new country. Each episode features “Word Play,” an animated segment demonstrating a specific language function, and Culture Clips, a documentary-style look at the issues dramatized in each episode.

Print materials are available at several levels, from low-beginner to high-intermediate, in different formats for maximum flexibility. See listing in pricing section below.

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Practical, accessible literacy and life skills

Emmy Award-winning TV411 focuses on parenting, money matters and health, with practical math, writing, reading comprehension, and motivational interviews. Segments from the series are used in the TV411 Learning Kits.

30 videos (DVD) cover a variety of topics, strengthening reading, writing and math skills in real-life contexts. Program descriptions are available at DVDs provide clickable menus highlighting key topics.

12-page workbooks explore concepts presented in each program, with practice in real world context such as filling out an application; understanding a paycheck; and deciphering food and medicine labels.

TV411 Learner’s Guide answers basic questions about using the videos, workbooks and website and helps learners articulate their goals and develop a portfolio for keeping track of their work.

TV411 Teacher’s Guide lesson plans show, step-by-step, how to use the video, print, and online components as a stand-alone curriculum or as part of an existing course of study.

Program Guide/Curriculum Index lets you locate time-coded highlights for segments in each program; use the index to find segments by topic. Use the list of workbooks highlights in your lesson plans.

TV411 Online interactive lessons and articles at address money, parenting, people, and health. A bulletin board provides personalized support and a forum to share writing and ideas.

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High School Equivalency

FastForward is effective preparation for the GED®, HiSET® and TASC™ tests—and for college and career success!

The complete curriculum covers all the subjects, skills, and question types on each of the high school equivalency tests. Online courses include a text-to-speech function, color changing background, and free classroom management system with reusable seats for teachers.

Para información en español, haz clic aquí.

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Work Readiness

Employees need relevant academic skills to be successful in the workplace. KET’s Workplace Essential Skills online study system, video and workbook series and other workplace resources offer adult learners opportunities to learn math and language arts concepts as well as personal development skills, to be more successful on the job. Lessons include real-life examples of math, reading, and writing appropriate to various career fields.

Written at the 7th -9th grade level, Workplace Essential Skills makes an excellent companion to our KET FastForward high school equivalency test preparation resources.